How our Alumni Network Changed our Lives!

The first Alumni Meet held in campus was during Kaalrav, 2015. I found the rare ocassion to meet an alumnus who instilled a dream in us; to rejuvenate our Alumni Network that I was always sad to have never experienced till then. I had no clue how we would go about it or how effectively it would have an impact on us.
Till then, we were a bunch of students who had no idea about how our alumni were doing in their lives after SMIT. We were all doubtful about our future and how we would survive the competitve world outside that seemed like far away from campus in a different planet altogether. We were ignorant, doubtful about our potential and definitely not inspired enough to make an impact on the world with our lives. We were happy being average.

Then, the summer of 2015 showed promise when Harsh Dev, General Secretary, SMIT Alumni Association took up the initiative to build this Alumni Portal that could bring the whole family at one platform to engage. He found selfless support in BB Pradhan Sir, Rahul Sinha, Viraj Singh, Ankit Rawat, Gauraang Dhar, Arnab Biswas and many others who took it up as a mission to strengthen the network. We launched the portal with grandeur and we soon saw the whole family getting united in this platform. I soon realised the potential that this portal possessed when we set on to publish success stories of our alumni. Suddenly, names started reaching us who not only did well in their career but had set benchmarks and were inspiring their community in diverse fields. In those weeks, a lot changed within me. I became proud of my alma-mater that has produced such gems; I was inspired to follow their footsteps and the feeling of knowing people who belonged to where I was and then achieved so much in their lives just gave a new meaning to my life. The list of names since then has never seized to end.

From Avinash Saurabh to Anurag Singh Rathor to Mayank Shridhar to Naveen Jaiswal to Satyarup Siddhanta to Girish Pradhan to Harsh Sinha to Raghav Mimani to Amar Akshat to Satyam Rai to Nikita Agarwal to Avipsha Thakur, the list is longer than many of us have ever known and imagined. We soon started sharing this pride among our friends and were not content being average and many of us looked upto them to do something meaningful in our lives. The transfer of knowledge soon started happening when we became aware of the infinite opportunities that were available for us in the far planet. Nobody seemed happy with just a job, we started exploring more and giving birth to our dreams. TEDxSMIT, inspired from these stories, then gave wings to our dreams.

Although I knew my strengths and interests, I was clueless about where I was heading to after college. I started interacting with alumni on the whiteboard, personally sent them messages on the portal and gained a lot of insights on how I can amplify my potential. I went through the jobs that were listed on the portal and identified the trending skills that people were looking for. And now, through this portal, I have found an alumnus and a place that is shaping my career. I am doing what I always wished to do and without this portal, I would have been stuck in a cubicle from 9 to 5 and would have satisfied myself with it. Many of my friends have landed in better places than they ever dreamt of because of the portal. The most amazing thing about the portal is that the more you contribute to it, the more you gain from it. One of my friend whom I encouraged to register on the portal, engaged with an alumnus on the future of a certain technology and today, that guy is sitting in one of the best places to work in India because of the inspiring alumnus. And everyday, our belief in our potential is getting strengthened as we find more alumni who have dared to make an impact. The portal today shares these inspiring stories, updates with jobs and opportunities and gives a helping hand to anyone in the family who is looking for one. 

The portal is still young, still working to get more people active in the network and soon, very soon, I envisage a proud SMIT family that takes pride to be called SMITians. Asish Sharma Sir rightly said that the future belongs to SMITians and this portal will be the medium to that bright future.

- Pushpak Chakraborty, proud member of the Zoojoobe family!